Drawing the burgundy rhino


This is the punchline for this week’s Jitterati, you lucky dogs. For some reason, drawing the burgundy rhino took a while.

I have two ex-girlfriends appearing on posters for their Fringe shows.

A friend of mine who publishes ‘zines told me that because I’ve self-published 12 books and written a musical, I have serious indie credentials.
Which is some comfort.

I Just Like Saying ‘Drawing the Burgundy Rhino’ Soundtrack:
Open Season ~Feist
A Heavy Nite With… ~Relaxed Muscle*
The Low End Theory ~A Tribe Called Quest

*David, you’d like this one, it’s Jarvis Cocker dressed up in Mighty Boosh makeup pretending to be Robots In Disguise. Or so it appears.

10 Responses to “Drawing the burgundy rhino”

  1. What am I , some sort of cash cow?

  2. Could someone text my phone and ask it where I can find it? I tried ringing it but there wasn’t any answer. Best case scenario is that I lost it on the bus and it’ll be in a lost and found box at the depot. Worst case scenario is anything other than that.

  3. I’ve just txted you, time alone will tell.

  4. I wonder if there’s a market for the Big Brunswick Book of Colours and Animals?

    The yellow rat…
    The pink bunny…
    The purple water buffalo…
    The burgundy rhino…
    The fawn fawn…

  5. I could do with more fawning.

  6. Rhinocrates Says:

    A fawn faun, to be classical? A monochromatic and therefore slightly oxymoronic chameleon?

  7. Oh good, you’re back – I hope you’re coming to my party!

  8. Rhinocrates Says:

    Yes, to spend a few blisful hours escaping the building site that is my bathroom and the black hole of musical taste that is the upstairs flat.

  9. What I know about philosophy could be written on the back of a Sophist.

  10. Rhinocrates Says:

    What I know about philosophy could be written on the back of a Sophist.

    You mean like celebrities signing body parts?

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