Entropy is a wonderful thing

I’m spending this week scripting and sketching, despite various obstacles, including a sick friend, rotten weather, a departing flatmate and another flatmate who is incapable of keeping the bathroom floor dry.

Each week I spend on this project, the closer I get to achieving something. Just as each week our foundation sags lower. Water is this flat’s enemy, whether it’s flowing over the edge of the broken guttering or soaking into the century-old supporting piles.

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  1. Entropy – the major theme of British New Wave SF in the 60s and 70s. Moorcock even titled one of his Jerry Cornelius novels The Entropy Tango. J. G. Ballard and M. John Harrison capture the real dreariness of it all best though (entropy is just an opportunity to a hedonist like JC). Colin Greenland’s history of the movement is even called The Entropy Exhibition (now count the layers of references that can be peeled off that).

    To follow that pointless literary aside, I can offer this other titbit of trivia: the backs of the knees are technically called the popliteal fasciae.

    Or, on the topic of collapsing flats, surely you know about mine? The kitchen floor (or disappearance thereof), the bathroom? I have a bathroom door now. Hoo-rah. Repairs started in December. Some day I expect to have the linings finished, and an exterior wall to it.

    Yours had about 60 years head start on mine, but mine’s sprinting. Shall we place bets? The Entropy Cup, the Disintegration Sweepstakes or whatever; finish line some time around 2020?

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