Two out of seven missed so far this year?

No, I don’t know what the hell happened to Jitterati this week either, but here it is:


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I think they must’ve laid it out, and then decided to delete it to make room for Aaron’s goodbye. Such is the hazards of being – well, only the cartoon. I can’t help thinking “Well, there goes a day’s work”.

The delinquent ex-flatmate is offering to pay $1000 straight into the flat account from his course-related costs. Frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it.

After it won all those Razzies last week, I thought I’d watch The Love Guru to see if it’s really as bad as they say it is. Wow. It seems to suffer from the same problem as the Star Wars prequels – there was no-one around during filming who had the nerve to say to the creator “You know, this really, really sucks”. I was going to make a lovely list of observations about why I think it didn’t work, but I read a few film reviews on Metacritic and they expressed it much better (and more cruelly).

Haven’t Had a Soundtrack For a While Soundtrack:
Ascension ~John Coltrane
The Moldy Peaches ~The Moldy Peaches
Exotic Creatures of the Deep ~Sparks


5 Responses to “Two out of seven missed so far this year?”

  1. Er, so he’s promising to pay you (second person plural) more than $300 less than he owes you and expects you to be satisfied? Have you calculated interest? I’d take that as a further insult. There would be opportunity costs arising from the money you lacked, health problems due to medication that became suddenly unaffordable and interest on your overdrafts. Your legal claim should be as strong as a very strong thing and this is a knife that I’d love to twist.

    If you want to watch a good script, I’d suggest… oh, let’s see, something Shakespearean… I love The Tempest , but maybe… ah, let’s see… the library has a couple of versions of Titus Andronicus

  2. It’s $700 less than what he owes, but it’s a start.
    The most appropriate script I can think of is Tartuffe.
    And er, yes, we know where he lives.

  3. $700? Even worse. I can see where this goes – he’s trying to string you out forever with promises of piecemeal payments until you give up out of frustration. Drag him through Small Claims and leave collection up to the Piranha Brothers.

    Tell me, will you be serving a pie at your upcoming party?

  4. Here’s one for devotees of Xeno: a debtor promises to pay half of what he owes after n and then half of what remains after 2n and then half of what remains after 2nsquared – and so on.

    Alternatively, on date X after an elapsed time since incurring the debt of n , the debtor promises to pay the debt. When date X arrives, he promises to pay after 2nsquared – and so on.

    How long will it take to pay the complete amount?

    Answer in both cases: a lazy eight.

    I’ll bring the chianti.

  5. One of my obscure references: chianti/fava beans/liver (human)

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