Epic trivia win

The main story on the Herald website today was the latest from the Bain trial. The main story on the Stuff website was a young Canadian offended by the concept of Eskimo lollies. Either Stuff think their readers are morons, or we are actually morons, or I’m a moron for mentioning it here.

Or, indeed, all three.

In news which may not be entirely unrelated, Stuff owner Fairfax is cutting 70 jobs. A good newspaper provides commentary and perspective for society, and exposes (or at least discourages) corruption and injustice, which is why there’s so much concern overseas about the increasing number of newspaper closures. If Fairfax continues along this path, we could see all the content of, say, the DomPost, imported from overseas agencies, and local news coverage reduced to sport and weather.

Would we notice the difference?

I’m not sure about continuing The Bad Sex Guide. I only wanted to do it as a warmup for the Brunswick graphic novel. I might just start working on that instead, there’s very little incentive to continue with a Salient cartoon.

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