Some lives are lived only in lower case


A somewhat disappointing response from Wellington’s cartoonists to VUWSA’s Pulp Culture Expo. Crucially, Renee Lyons from Salient (who turns out to be quite gorgeous, BTW) and Kieran Clarkin (who publishes Ellipsis) will be there. Brent Willis, who has always been very on to it, delivered a pile of comics to my party, and GCR will be selling stuff, but apart from that…

Oh well. Their loss. What we have shall make for a fine table. I need to see how much stuff I have to sell, there’s a box somewhere. I was thinking of making some Jitterati badges, but I’m a bit down at the moment. I’ve been working on a music video for the past month and the band (who had given me carte blanche) now want something entirely different. The amount of effort required for me to achieve something creative at anything even approaching my old levels is still immense and draining. Frankly, I don’t have the energy to arse about. It’s easier for me to drop it completely now and get on with something else, than to try and defend my concept or start from the beginning with something I don’t want to do.


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