I was halfway across Chaffers St this evening on a green-lit pedestrian crossing when I narrowly avoided being smeared by a right-turning car who simply wasn’t looking where she was going. If I wasn’t reasonably nimble, I’d be breathing through a tube right now.

It’s impossible to go through life without being affected by the actions of morons. The best you can hope for is that you’re prepared to deal with them when they turn up.

I’ll be at Victoria University’s Student Union Hall from 12-3pm tomorrow (Wed), selling what’s left of my original edition Brunswick books.


4 Responses to “Splat!”

  1. Drivers seem to get more dangerous and stupid when they’re turning.

  2. “I had to phone you now because I’m about to drive my SUV through an intersection.”

  3. You know the exact same thing happened to me a few years back except I didn’t dodge in time (as the car came up from behind I didn’t see it going against the red light and green man till it was to late).

    Luckily no serious damage was done.

  4. thomsedavi Says:

    When I was about 15 someone randomly threw a rock the size of a grapefruit at me as their car passed from behind. It missed, but depending on where the rock had hit me, there’s an absolute chance I’d be in a lot of pain, a large chance I’d have broken bones, a reasonable chance I’d be paralysed and a small chance I’d be dead. All because someone anonymous thought it would be fun to throw a large rock at a teenage boy.

    Actually, in Wellington I’ve been more in danger of being hit by cyclists than cars. When I see a car I assume it’s more or less a dumb, unresponsive object and give it the widest berth possible. Cyclists are dumb, unresponsive objects who often occupy the pavement. Last month I was almost hit by a cyclist who was rushing along the pavement looking backwards because he was trying to find a break in the traffic. Ha ha! Brilliant!

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