• It took four months, but some budding Annigoni finally succumbed to the blank charms of the expanse of cream wall on Plunket St. And what did they grace us with? A sonnet? A fresco? A silhouette portrait of a minor Lord Justice? Or an angry, incomprehensible scrawl which invalidates the argument that some graffiti is artistic, therefore all graffiti must be art, however ugly and awful? You guessed it. I was mightily impressed that the council’s flying graffiti squad dealt with it almost immediately.
  • It’s not a complicated argument. The cat-themed collaboration at the end of Palmer Street = art. Pasteups by bmd = art. The childish daubs of yellow paint along Allenby Terrace = not art. Just because it’s self-expression doesn’t mean it’s valid or interesting.
  • A few weeks ago a pedant with a paintpot drew a dashed white line down the length of the stairs on Allenby Terrace, complete with pointed little arrows indicating what side you MUST walk on. Marvellously, this makes the stairs more hazardous for pedestrians, because it’s not proper sidewalk paint and becomes slippery when wet.
  • Speaking of pasteups, there’s a great new one on Dixon Streeet before it intersects with Willis Street. It’s painted on newspaper by someone who calls themselves Gypsy.
  • Whatever happened to stencils and political slogans? Did stencilling just go out of fashion after its last burst of popularity in the early ’00s, or did the stencils prove too incriminating to be caught with? Does no-one have anything clever to say in a time when we need it?

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  1. I saw the girls doing it, they were having a blast too. I asked them if they were actually hoping that they would change traffic. One of them said “I hope not, one of the lanes is waaay to small.”

  2. Such a strange thing to do. I wonder what their aim was, then?

  3. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrt?

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