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I hardly like to criticise the Independent Herald – it’s like saying mean things about a brain-damaged puppy – but it seems to have jumped some sort of newsprint shark with this week’s issue.

There’s a certain demarcation amongst Wellington’s community newspapers. Capital Times focuses on the arts scene, and prints super cartoons. The Wellingtonian prints all the local news deemed worthy but too dull to appear in the Dom Post, which is of course a cosmopolitan national paper read by jet-setters, and unwilling to sully itself by associating too closely with the city it’s actually printed in*. The Independent Herald is – well, it’s 24 pages, just over 50% ads, which is probably a similar ratio to Capital Times and The Wellingtonian, but it does a rather worse job of disguising this with actual content.

This week’s issue has a wrap-around cover of the sort the Dom Post uses to announce life-changing events like the Moon landing or something portentous to do with rugby. This wrap-around announces a Women’s Lifestyle Expo. It’s pink. There’s text at the bottom in that horrible serif font adverts use when they want to look almost, but not quite, like news. It’s very hard to say what this newspaper exists for.

*Actually I think it’s printed in Petone, but you know what I mean.

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  1. thomsedavi Says:

    So… neither the words ‘independent’ nor ‘herald’ really apply?

    It could be the ‘weekly advertorial’.

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