Beatles vs. Jitterati


Other commentators have been talking about Beatlemania 2 – I count it as 4 using this logic:

1963-64 The original Beatlemania.

1987 The original albums are released on CD for the first time from March to December. At the time, the only complaint about the sound quality comes from vinyl purists who prefer “warm” vinyl to “cold” CDs. Lots of Beatles-influenced acts emerge.

1995-96 The Anthology project reignites interest in all things Beatley. This would’ve been a good time to remaster the albums, but with continually huge sales, there was no financial incentive. Meanwhile, the back-catalogues of peers The Byrds, The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan get the attention they deserve.

2009 Everything is re-released on the same day. Oh, and there’s some video game or something. Two or three of the albums are expected to chart next week in the top 10, the rest should comfortably make the top 40.


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