Allenby Terrace graffiti update

The Fun Police have descended upon the median strip painted down the middle of the Allenby steps, and painted it out. Just makes the steps more slippery. The diarrhoeatic orange paint squiggles have thankfully diappeared – to be replaced by a four-armed alien pleading “Don’t buff me out, Mr. Council Man!” Unfortunately the cute BMD creatures along the wall on the path that connects to Percival St have also gone. Win some, lose some.


One Response to “Allenby Terrace graffiti update”

  1. I’ve noticed lately that instead of painting out all large graffiti in the Mount Victoria Tunnel, they’ve started to only paint out the top half. They get back to the bottom half later.

    After a bit of pondering I realised they were doing this because they were worried what motorists would think if they didn’t go through a pristine white tunnel. To Hell with what the pedestrians and cyclists think, no one important ever walks or cycles or anything like that.

    I also think it’s a reasonably clever anti-graffiti tactic. To have your graffiti only half painted out… what a slap in the face! Your professional integrity in shatters! Imagine if the Nazi party only half burned your book, or the police only half destroyed your plantation. Why would you go on?

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