Did you miss me?

Although I’m back, I should warn you it’s not because I’m feeling any better. It’s just that I hate seeing those calendar dates unfilled. Like nature, I abhor a vacuum. I also like writing about stuff.

So, what has been happening? The big news is that my musical Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory is going to be revived in Auckland next year. I had a bit of trouble last week with my Quad mural and a fucking moron. I’ve continued doing online cartoons about a pair of cacti in the middle of the desert. I’ve listened to the Beatles a lot. I’ve tried some more energy drinks. I’ve faded from many peoples’ lives like icecream in the sun, leaving behind nothing but sticky memories. At least I haven’t received any abusive letters for a while.

That’s about it, really. New posts start here.


6 Responses to “Did you miss me?”

  1. Yeah, actually. We did.

  2. Awww… See, Brett, that’s how to make a comment.

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    Sorry old chap. It has been a tough week or several, hasn’t it?

    Mural looks good, BTW.

  4. I’m thinking of cleaning the other panels if it’s sunny tomorrow. Although it would involve lifting about 300kg.

  5. Yes I found it sad to have the list of blogs I glance at every so often a bit less full.

  6. Yip.

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