Probably depends how many toddlers vanish into thin air


ME: What? What did I do?

THE WEATHER: Oh, you know.

ME: Obviously not, or else I wouldn’t be aski- Hey! Stop that!

THE WEATHER: Not until you apologise.

My displeasure at this extremely awful weather (was there any time today when it wasn’t raining?) is checked by the knowledge that other Pacific Islands are suffering a lot worse from the same movements. I wonder if the national mood will lift once it starts getting warmer?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Flying Nun bands from the early ’90s recently, the talented ones that came and went too early to benefit from the astonishing national embrace of all bands New Zealandy, one of the biggest culture shifts we’ve seen. It’s hard now to remember a time when the only local bands played on mainstream radio were those who had given up trying to get anything done here, (faced with prejudice, inertia, lack of recording facilities and no infrastructure, never mind funding) and instead headed overseas to achieve some sort of validation. How the survivors of the indie ’80s and ’90s bands must gnash their teeth when they look at the local music scene of the past decade.


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