A slightly unusual Jitterati


Instead of the usual single panel, I’m posting a thumbnail of the entire Wednesday strip, because it’s an unusual one and I’m also worried that the text isn’t going to come out in the printed edition, unless they have their plates lined up exactly. What do you think?

In this week’s online edition of Salient, MJO has asked readers to nominate their dreamteam of Salient staff from the past ten years – considering few readers were around before 2007, there’s very few people who could give an objective opinion. Even I hardly stepped into the office from 2003 to 2007… and before that I had been e-mailing my stuff in for years, because in 2001 the atmosphere in the office was so bloody hostile.

Anyway, MJO decently includes cartoonists on the list, and specifically mentions Brunswick… not that anyone reading it has heard of Brunswick.


2 Responses to “A slightly unusual Jitterati”

  1. I think more people have heard of Brunswick than you give us credit for.

  2. Cartoon character, or province in eastern Canada? Who knows what my mind was thinking…

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