The Circle of Lunch

Okay, when I made a grilled chicken salad I had some tahini left over, so I made hummus and now I have dukkah spice left over… so I’ll make something else using the dukkah spice, and eventually – maybe several years from now – I’ll use the final leftover ingredient to make another grilled chicken salad.

Overdue Soundtrack:
Five Guys Walk Into a Bar… ~The Faces
Actor ~St. Vincent
The Stone Roses ~The Stone Roses


6 Responses to “The Circle of Lunch”

  1. Ha ha, after reading that I immediately thought of using you as an example of consumption and assimilation efficiencies in my lectures on trophic energy transfer. What a geek.

  2. That’s all I am to anyone, isn’t it? A trophic energy transference example! I remember when I used to be a cautionary tale.

  3. See if you can become an eponym!

  4. According to MJO, I already am… he refers in Salient to my mural being “Brunswick’d”.

  5. “Brunswick’d” could also be read as an adjective. I wonder what specific kind of naughtiness it denotes…

  6. I guess we would need to read the cautionary tale to find out. So Grant, what kind of naughtiness does your cautionary tale involve? Do we want to know the ending of that tale, or were the consequences of your wickedness too dire?

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