It’s been a mixed decade, on the whole

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The Grauniad has published an interesting series of articles attempting to summarise aspects of the last decade. There’s going to be a lot more journalism like this in the next few months, but it could be worse – remember those endless ‘Best of the Decade/Century/Millennium’ articles that were appearing as early as the late ’80s? I remember a popular ‘History of the 20th Century’ coffee table book published in 1990, which must’ve assumed nothing of interest was going to happen for the next ten years.


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  1. Wasn’t the greatest tragedy to occur between the years 1000 and 2000 apparently the death of Diana? I wouldn’t be surprised if the greatest tragedy to occur in the last ten years… is still the death of Diana.

    Maybe it’s because in the case of Diana, there was a 100% casualty rate, whereas people actually survived the two world wars.

    Since 9/11 occured in 2001, I’m assuming it’s going to feature much less in this material than it would have if it had happened three months ago.

  2. It’ll still be prominent, because unlike most of the violent and evil acts that occurred this decade, it was filmed, it took place over a single morning, in America, and killed lots of white people.

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