A bitsy day full of vim

Today I saw the headline 111 errors blamed for biker’s death, and thought “What a lot of mistakes.” I also cheerfully enquired after a close friend’s spectacular rack, only to be informed that she’s having painful reduction surgery on Tuesday.

I did not have a tactful day.

People are getting excited about our Halloween party, which is nice.

No pressure, or anything.

Our internet provider sent us an automatic e-mail pointing out that we’ve used 75% of our monthly internet allowance in a single week. I’ve put a notice in the kitchen pleading “Whatever you’re doing, could you please do less of it?”

I was catching up with newspapers from a few weeks ago, and found a photo of a lithe form wearing a bonang panembung on her head. “I recognise that lithe form,” I thought, and indeed I did.

My neighbours put out an open bag of rubbish with a rather handsome paperback copy of the Koran on top, and another book called ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Islam’. Both had gone when I checked later, so someone in Kelburn is having their horizons expanded tonight.

Our flat entropy problems have been resolved, as far as is possible without breaking the second law of thermodynamics. We are losing a mountain of weeds and gaining back a view, and having both toilets replaced, as well as part of the actual floor in two rooms. The plumber scoffed at my DIY primer splodges on the outside walls of the flat. Splodges which prevent us from drowning from the inside of the flat when it rains. I’ve painted entire fucking murals, you know.


2 Responses to “A bitsy day full of vim”

  1. Clearly you should have painted an entire mural on the outside walls of the flat.

  2. I also recognised that lithe form when I read the paper a little while ago. That picture is hung on the wall of her flat, and I had to point out to one of her flatmates that it was a picture of her.

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