More new wallpaper

There’s several Man Ray photos here, but I’m more interested in Lee Miller than Man Ray.

I’m resigned to the improvements announced by Apple to their iMac range. I can live without that extra 1.5 inches of screen – it’s not like a TV, where they can can get larger and larger and the only limit is the size of your wall. I’m also happy about not having a wireless keyboard, because my one is the longer version with a useful number keypad. The new mouse sounds interesting, though. The most obvious visual refinement of the model, the fact that the thin black border around the iMac screen now goes right to the edge, is of spectacular disinterest to me. The extra zip in processing power would be nice, of course, but until NZ gets decent affordable broadband there’s not that much point – it’s like driving a Maserati on a dirt track.

Sanguinity Soundtrack:
Chant Darling ~Lawrence Arabia
The Very Best of Buddy Holly & The Crickets
The Magic City ~Sun Ra

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