Today I was supposed to go to a working bee in Strathmore, but I innocently asked what sort of gloves we should bring and was snarked at. So after that, I didn’t really feel like going. If someone’s rude to you because you’ve been rude to them, I can understand, but I hate it when someone’s rude to you just because they’re having a bad day or they aren’t a very nice person.

I probably should’ve gone to OdESSA’s last performance tonight, but I haven’t seen much of the band since making them a music video four years ago.

And I definitely should’ve gone out with Pippa, but I guess I just don’t feel like going out much at the moment.


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  1. I don’t know exactly why, but with the content and rhythm of your writing, this seems apposite:

    He said, I had to write that letter to your mother
    And I had to tell the judge that it was you
    And I had to sell the car and go to Florida
    Because that’s just my way of saying that I love you.

    I had to call you at the crack of dawn
    And list the times that I’d been wrong
    That’s just my way of saying that I’m sorry.

    Laurie Anderson, ‘Language is a Virus’

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