Meeting the cartoon historian

I was invited to a NZ Cartoon Archives function tonight at Capital Books. British cartoon historian Dr. Mark Bryant happened to be in town, so the Archives and Press Corp got together for a chinwag. I was the only cartoonist there, and for a time the youngest person in the room by 20 years, until a rather brusque Phd student turned up. He was unimpressed until I mentioned Brunswick, and I hope none of you will think less of me that I found his momentary flicker of awe extremely satisfying. I also met a certain famous illustrator who had never heard of me, but was extremely miffed that it took me a few minutes to recollect who he was. I had to choke back a mighty oath when introduced to someone as “the young aspiring cartoonist”. It’s all comparative, matey-boy.

The best conversation I had was with the guest of honour, who was not at all well. I think he was gratified that I was a fan of H.M. Bateman and Fougasse, and helpfully pulled out a copy of his Dictionary of 20th Century British Cartoonists and Caricaturists when I asked what kind of injury crippled Fougasse at Gallipoli. He’s also the only person I’ve ever met who’s actually sat at the Punch table.


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  1. I’m continually depressed by how many Vic students have never heard of you, nor Brunswick, and don’t care. It’s the not caring part that really depresses me. The most awesome thing to happen in student media art in the 90s happened here at Vic, and no one even knows about it!

  2. I only get depressed when people who have been at Vic for years have never noticed the mural in the Quad. The ENORMOUS mural. The one RIGHT IN FRONT of the most used building on campus.

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