Halloween party

Another excellent flat party. It was more talky than dancy until someone stopped messing with the volume control on the stereo. For some reason there was a prodigious amount of wine and women in their mid-twenties, but I am not complaining. It didn’t finish until 3:30am. No-one threw up, broke windows, puked on the neighbour’s cat, started a fistfight, or decided that the “least drunk” should drive, so it wasn’t a party for the newspapers.

Decidedly Non-Party Soundtrack:
Psonic Psunspot ~The Dukes of Stratosphear
Permanent ~Joy Division
The Gorey End ~The Tiger Lillies & Kronos Quartet

5 Responses to “Halloween party”

  1. Just to let you know, I and others have an ongoing problem viewing Jitterati online. It’s described at my blog.

  2. Not sure what I can do about that, there’s nothing wrong with the images I’m uploading. I’ve re-sent all of this year’s episodes to see if that makes any difference, they should tick over tonight. Comic Genesis is not the most tweakable of hosts.

  3. That seems to have caused this week’s comic to disappear entirely.

    Anyway. Just thought you should know, in case a fix magically presents itself sometime.

  4. I haven’t been able to see them for a long time. Usually I try to look on Wednesday morning, and assume the blank page is there to tell me I should go out and actually physically pick up Capital Times like I’m supposed to.

  5. Well, bugger. I apologise for Comic Genesis’s extreme suckage. I can only FTP stuff, and it takes a while to tick over. I’ll change hosts as soon as I have the time and energy.

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