Exhausted but all systems go

The book is at the printers. I’m working on the cover picture and DVD now. The printer berated me for setting up the pages so that they came out mis-aligned on the proof, so he’d have to adjust them by hand. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized he’d printed it using the wrong paper stock setting, so ’twas not my fault.

Sadly I’ve found from experience that the only thing that will let you down when you’ve had a creative idea that requires a bit of effort is relying on OTHER PEOPLE. This is why successful people are either very self-reliant, or fantastically good at organizing and inspiring other people.

It was looking unlikely that I’d have free coffee for the launch, but Geoff from Havana has come through wonderfully… I’ll have 30 specially-bagged samples for consumption on Saturday.

Book Construction Soundtrack:
In Swings the Tide ~Anika Moa
Weird Tales of the Ramones ~Ramones
See Mystery Lights ~Yacht

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