Afterthoughts on the Jitterati book

These are all my children.

I spent most of today asleep, which I think is forgivable. Having actually achieved something for a change I want to keep up this momentum, but after a bit of a rest first. Not bad for someone operating at only 20% capacity.

If you added up all the time I spent drawing the cartoons and putting together the book over the past eight years, it would total about 840 hours.

Although I started putting the book together in April last year, I’ve only been working solidly on it since September. I didn’t want to say anything here in case I couldn’t follow through with it, like you don’t tell people you’re going to have a baby until you’re absolutely sure.

Even in a sealed box, the coffee samples Havana gave me were pungent enough to give me a caffeine headache while working in the same room. That’s bloody strong stuff.

I probably won’t use that printer again. The book came out well, but he charged me an extra $15 (+GST) for work which I feel would’ve been unnecessary if he’d known how to use InDesign better. He also tried to charge me for the 80 pages in the quote instead of the 76 pages it ended up as, hoping I wouldn’t notice. That’s an extra two A3 photocopies per book. It adds up, you know.

I want an American art school girlfriend. During the construction of the book I was listening to the song Psychic City by the band Yacht. Yacht (sometimes spelt as YACHT, YCHT or Y4CHT, which I refuse to do) are an electronica band from Portland, Oregon, who had been trundling along unexceptionally since 2003 until Claire L. Evans joined. Evans is a science writer with several blogs and although, like Bob Dylan, she can’t really sing, she added a much needed element of Annie Lennox androgynous sexiness to the affair. The song Psychic City is not one I would defend to other people as being particularly fantastic, but it’s addictive, and has a neat video which ends with her and Jona Bechtolt (the other member of the band and a lucky, lucky bastard) making out.

I also listened to a nine-hour Charlie Parker boxset from the library. Never again.

I haven’t sat down and actually read the book yet. I’m hoping someone can let me know how it went.


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