Jitterati: the book stand

I’ve always wanted to have a display stand for my books. Karl Wills made a very nice one several years out of foamboard for his Jessica comics. The tricky thing is to make them robust enough so the books don’t tip them over. I went to Warehouse Stationery to see how much their document holders were, but it must be the sort of thing design students snap up at any cost for their exhibitions – I’m not paying $30 for a lump of plastic from Illinois!

Instead I bought a $10 wire mesh desk tidier, the sort of thing you file letters in, and flattened the back divider. This means it can hold six A4 books comfortably without tipping back. I then stuck a little sign on the front, which can be changed for different books. Because the Jitterati book comes with free coffee, there’s room to stash it behind the stand.


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