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It was one of those exhausting days where I did a bunch of completely different creative things… only this time we’re talking about maintaining projects I started in 1992, 2001 and 2006 respectively. Somehow I’ve become the security guard of my own museum.

I took in a bunch of books to Graphic with the display stand and coffee. That is, I trudged in nice and early and discovered that I’d forgotten to bring the books. I walked back home and seriously considered just getting into bed and forgetting the whole thing, but then I remembered I had flat bills to pay… so I trudged in again and dropped off the books. Then I popped into Playmarket to discuss some of the contract niceties of Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory (FB:L4G as I abbreviate it for convenience). Then I finally made it to Tasman St and spent a happy hour fixing my vet mural.

I’d brought in an anti-graffiti substance I got from the Council, which comes with gloves and an eye mask. It’s evil, evil stuff – I applied some to the graffiti hopefully and was surprised to see it eating through the paint, and then the 17-year old paint underneath it. An hour later with the original testpots and it was all fixed. It was hard matching the colours because it’s been under the sun for years, but I think it looks okay. Like the last time I fixed graffiti, I had to keep stopping because people wanted to tell me how much they loved the mural. I’m glad they assumed I was the original artist, and not the evil little dope who defaced it in the first place.


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  1. Wouldn’t “curator of my own museum” be more, I dunno, appropriate?

  2. This involves cleaning stuff up!

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