Or we could just blow up our airports

I wrestled for ages with writing a cartoon about Don Brash’s scheme for us to play catchup with Australia. This is obviously a straw man proposal. Brash gets to come in and act the heavy, and National can throw up their hands in horror and say “Oh no, reducing government spending by selling grannies for glue, reintroducing National Service and criminalizing being poor is too radical! Let’s just criminalize being poor!” And we can say “Fine, whatever, you talentless fucks” and go back to sleep for another three years while Oz gallops off into the distance like a cocky, arid racehorse.

Instead of aspiring to Australia’s standard of living (35% higher wages, a bigger sun and as much uranium as you can eat), wouldn’t it be simpler just to drag them down to our level? They already have 10% of our population. We can corrupt them from the inside.

Anyway, then Atea-1 went VROOSH!, which makes a more interesting cartoon.


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