Blue headers are modern

The Dominion Post introduced some cosmetic changes a few weeks ago, for the better. Each page is now in colour, even the pages that don’t really need it. I presume this makes their advertising more flexible. If they gave a damn about their cartoons (the continued presence of Wizard of Id would suggest otherwise) they’d start printing the colour versions of Doonesbury, Dilbert and Garfield. I doubt they’d be more expensive.

At least they’re now desperately trying to reconnect with local events. There’s a “Wellington” column on the front page, and inside there’s a “Capital Day” page presented by two journalists (unfortunately both photographed wearing glasses, which makes them look like nerdy siblings) which is like a page-length summary of Capital Times. This redesign doesn’t appear to bode well for The Wellingtonian – if the Dom Post starts taking an interest in local stories it was previously too big and important to cover, what role does The Wellingtonian now have? Apart from acting as a holding pen for capable staff they don’t like very much, that is.


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  1. Hmmm. Seen it said (yes, I know, mixed… something, but I like the alliteration) that the newspapers – and television channels – that have survived are the ones that have rediscovered the local.

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