The drink for when you feel nostalgic for burdock

Okay, I had to look this up. A burdock is a kind of purple prickly plant which only the British would ever consider turning into a drink. The concept of dandelion and burdock is over 700 years old, although the modern equivalent just uses it as flavouring instead of a fermented base. It’s now available at the Chaffers Park New World, as part of their bizarre scheme to import perfectly ordinary foodstuffs from the UK at a tremendous markup. Are there really that many Brits in Wellington who are desperately homesick for a Walnut Whip, or are they just trying to muscle in on Cool Britannia‘s turf? Probably both. They also sell Cherry Coke, which is worth checking out.

I looked up the Ben Shaws website out of interest to see what else they make apart from dandelion and burdock, who I now picture as a pair of Seventies detectives. They seem to be aiming at The Oldie market, or anyone else who thinks the East India Company was a bit of all right. It even includes a triptych of flying ducks on the loading page, which is all a bit Britpop for my tastes. Quite a nice drink, though.

I found a review of my book!


2 Responses to “The drink for when you feel nostalgic for burdock”

  1. Review: Congrats! I liked the coffee, BTW.

    Also, you have a positive review by someone who doesn’t know you, so that you can’t imagine that they’re just being nice about your work because they want to be invited to one of your excellent parties.

    As for your other work, how’s the Fitz production in Awkland looking?

  2. Actually the reviewer Leo Hupert is one of the founders of Graphic.

    FB:L4G will be on at The Basement from the 10th-24th July 2010. Everything works backwards from that.

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