NZ comics nirvana

I dropped off 18 copies of the Jitterati book to Graphic today. I have thus achieved five things it’s very hard to do in the NZ comics world:

Making a comic book.
Selling nearly all of the copies in three weeks.
Getting good coverage and reviews*.
Having complete strangers in the street ask me how the book’s selling.
Making all the money back.

I’ve only got five copies left. Have I mentioned it makes an excellent Xmas present?

* I think there’s going to be one in Capital Times next week – the publicity juggernaut continues.


2 Responses to “NZ comics nirvana”

  1. Oh yeah, that’s what I was going to buy. Do you still have any? What time should I turn up at your flat, and do you take cheques?

  2. I have so few copies left (2) that I’m currently only accepting money and sexy dances.

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