I had to read Revelations for research

Alarmingly, I finished this cartoon 12 hours earlier than usual so I could go Xmas shopping. I only had a couple of hours sleep before being woken by a neighbour (I couldn’t tell which side)  massacring their lawn loudly. This is why Kiri Te Kanawa left the country.

I didn’t go to the Lovely Bones red carpet thingy, although I would’ve loved to have gone dressed in a gorilla costume holding a sign saying “PETER, WHY DONT U CALL ANYMORE?”. It would be awesome if someone has actually done that.

Someone’s given Aro Street a nasty going-over with a yellow spraycan. It amazing how one or two people can make an entire street look grotty in ten minutes. Someone else has daubed a huge blue cartoon penis on walls in Kelburn and Northland and written “suck on this hoe” underneath. I laughed the first time I saw it, but after you see it painted repeatedly you can tell the boy’s got issues.

Notice that in the above panel Jaimee’s left arm isn’t attached to anything. Shh! It’s a secret!


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