Summer begins

After an unintentionally cruel Sunday which left me feeling like the world’s biggest loser, summer began for me today, sitting in my friend Anita’s lounge overlooking the Oriental Parade fountain, drinking beer and watching the harbour change colour and an unusual number of unicycles wobble past.

Despite the cloudy morning people were determined to enjoy the holiday. I’ve never seen so many little dogs. Although the week between Xmas and New Years is the calendar equivalent of the perenium, the city is full of visitors. Chaffers Park New World was full of lithe Swedish tourists with bad skin*.

The rest of town was empty. I was able to walk home without even looking up, because there was no one on the pavement.

*At least they moved at a normal speed – on Boxing Day I was caught up in an eddy of elderly Alaskans** on Lambton Quay and had to leap like a salmon to break free.
**I knew they were Alaskans, of course, because it was written all over their jackets. In case they forgot, I suppose.

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