In which I take a bunch of pictures

I took advantage of the fine weather today to update my Jitterati background photos. I now have updated photos of Midnight Espresso, Fidels and Felix, and new background photos of  Olive, Floriditas, Emporio, Havana Coffee, Goblin and the new Espressoholic. Pretty much every cafe on Cuba Street. Having my photo in Capital Times certainly helped – my face can now open doors as well.

Goblin Cafe were particularly astute, and knew exactly what I wanted to do with a minimum of explanation. The only cafe to refuse me outright was Finc, and they were unnecessarily patronizing about it, but you know what? They’ve sucked since they changed from City Limits, anyway.

I saw Real Fitz in the street shortly afterwards. I’m always slightly apprehensive when I see her – I know that eventually I’ll either marry her, or die by her hand.


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  1. As long as you get them in the correct order, you can accomplish both, but I suggest that if you invite her over for dinner, a recipe with fava beans and Chianti would be best for your health.

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