Fitz Bunny 2010

I had a really good talk this morning with the director of the Auckland production of Fitz Bunny: Lust For Glory. It’s being performed at The Basement Theatre from July 9th to 24th, in an acting space which is 18m wide, 4m deep and 2.7m high. Roughly the same proportions as a Moro bar.

It all sounds quite exciting – they aren’t using Jamie’s excellent arrangements, they want to go back to the original demos I pecked out on Garageband and have live musicians on stage! Luckily the director is well-connected – when they cast it, they’ll be looking for quadruple threats, people who can act, sing, dance and play instruments. Although the Wellington production was excellent, I expected it to be very dark and sexy, like Rocky Horror and Cabaret, and instead it was very bright and show-tune-y, like Chicago. Which is fine, just different to how I imagined it.

As well as updating it from Wellington 2007 to Auckland 2010, I have to finally record demos of Bunny Heroes* and I’m Awesome, and add some three-part harmony interstitial quatrains, like in Glee. I really must learn how to write music someday…

*Still the only song I can play on the guitar. The only chords are G, E, C, D and A.

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  1. I always wanted I’m Awesome to be longer. It had a lot of unrealised comic/psychopathic potential.

  2. Actually I’m probably going to make that bit shorter…

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