A most unsavoury experience

Remember The Grudge? That’s what my attic looks like. I’ve only poked my head up there once before. There’s some rodents scrabbling around up there, so I reluctantly investigated. The house is a century old, so the wood is very nice and the cobwebs are so old they’re yellow. I never thought the ceiling was insulated, despite my landlady’s insistence, so I was amused to discover that the ceiling space above one room is covered with Pink Batts. The rest of us are bare nekkid and exposed to the elements.

Generations of rodents have taken advantage of the insulated portion by building a little pink city, which I liberally sprinkled with poison pellets. It was so unpleasant that I can’t actually describe it to any of my flatmates… they have to live here, and they’re all squeamish when it comes to rats. Personally I don’t mind them as long as they’re alive, but I made sure I made a lot of noise before I went up.


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  1. thomsedavi Says:

    I sort of regret never having explored the attic of my old flat. It could have been an Adventure.

    But then, if a rat startled me when I poked my head through and I fell off the ladder, the Adventure would have been a ride in an ambulance.

    If none of your other flatmates are brave enough to go up there, you could also ‘redistribute the wealth’ of those Pink Batts. You know… redistribute it above your own room.

  2. It would be like shifting a rat-filled tent city.

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