Genesis. Yes, really.

Shamefully, I’ve been listening to a lot of Genesis recently. Not the millions-selling, critically reviled Phil Collins era, the early prog stuff. I can only offer this in defence:

It’s an extremely handsome box set, and I’m a sucker for packaging.

I don’t mind Progressive Rock. I found out ages ago that if I can listen to Frank Zappa, I can stomach almost anything.

Seriously, a double-disc concept album about a street kid on a transcendental search for his soul? From a band comprised of Charterhouse schoolboys? With song titles like ‘Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist’? Puts My Chemical Romance into perspective, doesn’t it?

Actually, as I listen to Selling England by the Pound, it reminds me of early Split Enz, when Phil Judd and Tim Finn were still in charge.

I like Peter Gabriel (but that’s another story).

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