Oh, super.

My poor highly-strung flatmate spent today on her bed with her feet in the air as a friendly rat snuffled around her room. It doesn’t seem to have escaped from the ceiling* – it appears to have burrowed its way in from under the chimney, and as soon as it leaves on its back we’ll block the hole up.

My afternoon was punctuated with squeals of horror from my flatmate – whenever she left her room, the rat would follow her cautiously into the corridor, despite being quite timid. It was clever enough not to set off the huge rat trap we baited, but unfortunately not smart enough to resist scoffing several lids of poisoned bait, so its furry days are numbered.

She managed to take a photo next to an empty beer box to give an impression of scale (highlight this block of text to read description hidden for the easily squeamed: OH JESUS IT WAS FUCKIN’ HUGE, JUST UNDER 15CM LONG, NOT INCLUDING THE FRICKIN’ TAIL! AND FURRY, LIKE A DUSTER! STRAIGHT OUT OF ROOM 101! ALBIET SLIGHTLY MORE CUDDLY, LIKE EMILE, REMY THE RAT’S OLDER BROTHER IN ‘RATATOUILLE’.)

* Which must be a fairly unsavoury place to be a rodent by now.

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