Contracts and research

I’ve signed off on the contract for the Auckland performance of FB:L4G. It guarantees me some interesting rights, including merchandising (!) and the size of my name on the publicity material. I also grabbed a copy of the 2007 issue of Playmarket News which has several photos from the Wellington production, including the mischievous insertion of a photo of Enderby the hedgehog holding a ‘SPREAD THE PINK’ sign (which is presently in my bedroom) in an article on theatre controversy.

I’ve also been researching the upcoming Super City elections. Funnily enough, the consolidation of the Auckland Regional Council, the four city councils and the three district councils is no longer being promoted as a way of saving Auckland ratepayers money. If I were a well-placed, wealthy local body politician with a high public profile and a ruthless streak, I’d be finding it very hard to keep the look of utter glee off my face until November.

Lord Mayor soundtrack:
Paul’s Boutique ~Beastie Boys
Diamonds and Pearls ~Prince
Glitter and Doom Live ~Tom Waits

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  1. You’d find it very easy to keep the look of utter glee off your face if you were a distant third in the polls.

  2. Aha, but what about jobs for the boys! There’s vacancies aplenty for all the existing mayors, if they’re interested. Basically the troughs are being rearranged in a more efficient pattern.

  3. … and of course congratulations on the contract…

    while I am cynical about the rearrangement of the troughs on the deck of the Titanic, I’m even more cynical about Banksie being willing to take a back seat and see someone else take the credit for anyone’s work and worse yet, possibly having to do work himself.

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