The Supreme Court

Before dropping off my claim at the District Tribunal, for legal reasons I had to call my deadbeat ex-flatmate and warn him what I was about to do. “I hardly think that’s fair” he huffed. “Just let me put some of my pay packet towards it…” I felt guilty for just a split second before going waaaait… Too late, bucko! If he’d wanted to do that, If he’d ever intended to pay back any of his debt without legal coercion, he would’ve ages ago!

“Are you sure you want to go down this road?” he queried.
Yes, you absolute cnuting waste of space (as Stephen Fry would say).

I studied the new Supreme Court exterior with interest. It looks better than it does in the photos. Aesthetically it’s fine, although it’s the sort of thing Lady Gaga would come up with if she were an architect. I think it’s reasonable to get upset over the $80 million cost, though. Hope it gets used more than twice a year.


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