Yayoi Kusama, finally

I haven’t gone out a lot recently, although yesterday I finally made it to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, on its last free day. I didn’t realize there’s be some many little kids running about, which must’ve made it a nightmare to supervise. While queuing I heard several variations on the “only touch with your eyes” speech. It was also embarrassing to be a lone dodgy male in the queue for the two small exhibits where they lock you in mirrored rooms for a minute. Still, fascinating to see a major exhibition of work from an artist whose life has been completely consumed by her art.

Sadly, it made the Urban Kainga exhibition in the Deane gallery look like a big pretentious pile of crap. I spent an amusing five minutes explaining to a pretty South African what F.O.B. stood for.

Afterwards I ran into the lovely summery Renee in Whitcoulls. She confessed that she hasn’t started working on the new series of G33K for Salient. I have to get cracking on The Rake’s Progress as well. I’m still teaching myself how to draw non-Jitterati things.


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