Funny Business on DVD

After 22 years, Funny Business is finally available on DVD, and frankly I’m confused. There’s a generous three-hour helping of material from New Zealand’s best sketch comedy show ever, including Chris Knox’s animation, the acting debut of a rather yummy Lucy Lawless, and the classic songs… except for this one:

What happened to that, then?

Other problems include the removal of all credits, some crummy videotape-to-DVD mastering, and some very choppy edits, including the coda of the stone-cold classic ‘Lounge Suite’ song, where Willy de Wit sings “We’ve gotta keep singing… ‘cos this song goes over the credits”.

So, it’s good to have this material available, but it’s a shame it’s so badly presented. If only they’d taken as much care as The Jaquie Brown Diaries DVD.


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