The Rake’s Progress (another preview)

Yer… a little bit annoyed. Salient had a meet-and-greet last night for this year’s contributors, which I wouldn’t have expected to be invited to, except I was in the office just that afternoon talking about The Rake’s Progress, and no-one mentioned anything. Yes, I am easily discouraged, why do you ask?

Fortunately the first cartoon (I’m about five hours away from finishing it) looks good. I was going to go for a stark black-and-white Ronald Searle look, but the problem with that is that it would involve drawing all the backgrounds, which is tedious, and it’s easy to tell when someone’s been over-influenced by Searle. There was a series of airline print ads a few years ago which were a particularly ugly rip, although you can also tell that Searle was an influence on Murray Ball.

The printed version won’t be in colour, but it’s nice to start out in colour for the web version.


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