Bentwood chairs

My aunt is a member of the Wadestown Wilton Horticultural Society, so I spent some time this afternoon arranging sand saucer displays from Wadestown and Otari School for their summer show. Not my usual environment. Wadestown School is nearly 130 years old, and has some interesting furniture in the library – a set of tiny but elaborately carved bentwood chairs which I would guess date from the 1930s, although they might be much older. It shows how long really well-made furniture can last.

I’ve finished the first episode of Rake’s Progress, but I might tinker with it over the weekend. I’m finding it hard to find a compromise between tonality and clarity – Salient’s greyscale newsprint reproduction is often scorned by the glossier student newspapers, but glossy’s bloody expensive. If you’re interested in a preview, e-mail me.


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  1. I used to go to Otari school, back when it was called Wilton School.

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