Not for the fainthearted indeed

I’ve just discovered the hilarious casting call for Auckland’s production of FB:L4G:

And this year ‘Glee!’ freaks better warm-up their jazz hands because for the first-time YOUNG & HUNGRY features a musical! Not for the fainthearted, Grant Buist’s FITZ BUNNY LUST FOR GLORY is described by director, Simon Coleman as Rocky Horror meets Monty Python!

Dear god, what have I unleashed?


2 Responses to “Not for the fainthearted indeed”

  1. Heh. Ever seen Altman’s The Player? Directors and writers pitch every movie as “X meets Y” – The Sound of Music meets The Silence of the Lambs, Gandhi meets Doctor Strangelove, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs meets Naked Lunch, Fern Gully with Smurfs…

  2. I believe that’s a real-life practice. Satire is hard when that’s the reality.

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