20,000 Leg-Warmers Under the Sea

20,000 Leg-Warmers Under the Sea
by Brent Willis
BCW Publishing 2010

This engaging 52-page graphic novel is a spinoff from Wellington cartoonist Brent’s long-running Fetus Boy Adventures. Brent also edits and publishes the Bristle compilations of local cartoons, which is up to its fourth issue with the fifth on its way, and has released numerous albums as part of The False Dmitrys.

The story of Armoured Artillery Vehicle Girl and Bread Boy in search of sunken treasure aboard a trust-fund purchased submarine crewed by bi-curious emos zips along merrily, and includes smatterings of ‘Port of Amsterdam’ and a Spandau Ballet musical number at the end. The best unfilmable kids’ cartoon ever, with jokes about sperm whales and seamen, and lines like “Are they your real names or are you from Taranaki?” and a rather serious essay about emos. On sale at Graphic in Cuba Mall with an attractive blue cover for very few dollars.


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