Stitch & bitch, review & sue

A lovely review of the Jitterati book from from the mourge.

I’m feeling a lot better after having an annoying stitch removed from my mouth. It’s been painful for the past fortnight  -not severely, but continually.

I was planning to go see The Chills tonight, but I changed my mind after discovering that the non-student tickets weren’t $15 as advertised in Salient, but $33.50. It was either a typo or someone got greedy. So I spent much of this evening preparing the papers I have to send to the District Tribunal for my day in court next week.

The flatmate I was forced to evict last year who isn’t trying to ruin my life at the moment owes me money. The last I heard from him, he was urging me to cancel my suit against him because the money would be in the flat account by the end of the week. That was a month ago, and was obviously never going to happen, like the time he assured me that he’d pay me from a redundancy payment, then from his new job, then from his course-related costs, then from a large court settlement… every fucking cent that man has made in the past 18 months I’ve heard about, but never seen.

One of the photocopiers in Central Library has a sign which warns “This photocopier does not give change.” Someone has written below “It gives exact reproductions!”


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