Please. Please. Please. Get a life.

Those of you with a low tolerance for rampant fuckwittery may wish to skip this post.

Copyright violation notice
(from me to Facebook on 25th February)

To: The Facebook Team
Subject: Copyright Notification Complaint: #92351305

Location on fb network: (VUWSA Women’s Group photo page)
Description of copyrighted work:The First-Year’s Progress’ by Grant Buist, a cartoon published by the Wellington student newspaper ‘Salient’.
How copyright infringed: This cartoon has been uploaded to Facebook from my website without permission, and is being used to make unsubstantiated and defamatory allegations against me.

(from uploader to Facebook)

Material removed: Thoroughly attributed copy of cartoon already published on website by the author. I did not make any attempt to say this was my own work, and actually specifically discussed it’s authorship by the artist. This person is usually very keen for his work to be discussed in other blogs and websites, as he is a shameless self-promoter.
Location on fb: It was posted to a university women’s group page, for information of the members of that group.
Why Mistake: Because it was germaine to the in debate which it was located. It is also the artists common practice to have his work referenced very widely by other bloggers/writers.

Notification of counter-notification
(from Facebook to me on March 4th)

Hi Grant,

We received the following counter-notification relating to content that we removed at your request. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § section 512(g)(2) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), we will replace or cease disabling access to the removed material in 10 business days unless you file an action seeking to restrain the user from further infringing your rights.

You may provide us with notice of any such action by sending us a copy via reply email or sending it to our designated agent at: (Facebook’s office address)

(from me to Facebook on March 4th)

Dear Facebook Team,

Thank you for alerting me of this counter-notification. I apologise for this waste of your time. I have absolutely no idea how I would go about filing an action restraining this particular user from infringing my rights, but I’d love to know.

Please note that according to your own terms of use, when a user uploads an image to your site, they have to certify that they “have the right to distribute these photos”. This user does not have to right to distribute this image. Attribution is irrelevant, as is the issue of my shamelessness.

This user has already posted a link to this image to three other websites, and is using it to defame my character. You have already had to remove libellous personal comments from this user on the VUWSA Women’s Group page, in violation of Section 3.6 of your Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

If this user is allowed to post this image again, she will use it to further an ugly personal vendetta against me which has now spilled into a public arena, detracting from the positive work the VUWSA Women’s Group does with her embarrassing lies and accusations.  I would appeal to you to stop enabling the actions of a disturbed person who desperately needs professional treatment.



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