This might nearly be over

A much more moderate collection of views in this week’s Salient letters. The only one that really made me wince was the one by ‘Henry’, suggesting that the length of the First-Year’s dress is responsible for the unwanted male attention she’s receiving. I’m assuming this letter was meant to deliberately annoy people, and I only hope no one is dumb enough to respond. There was a very thoughtful letter from BCW pointing out that raising awareness may not be a bad thing. I really could have done with more considered feedback like that.

So, what’s next? Salient’s response article on why sexual assault is not to be condoned hasn’t yet appeared, crucially missing the dangerous partying season at the start of the academic year, when it would’ve done the most good. The woman who I presume will be the article’s author has been kind enough to respond (in the comments) to my cruel fisking of some of the more opaque paragraphs of her letter in last week’s issue.

Gallingly, one of my less reasonable critics (the one who charged me with not engaging with criticism of my cartoon, then deflected the inquiry of a perfectly reasonable commenter by accusing her of being a “straw woman”) was called up by the editor of Magneto for misrepresenting a controversial article he wrote last year, and after doing her research properly (and being threatened with legal action) is now singing Magneto’s praises.

My friends are sick of hearing about this. Salient is sick of dealing with it. Facebook User Operations have lost their temper and are starting to say some decidedly non-Facebook things in their correspondence with me. The VUWSA Women’s Group is sick of it, and apparently starting to feel a little embarrassed as well.

Is it nearly over?


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