The Art Of Harvey Kurtzman

The Art Of Harvey Kurtzman
Denis Kitchen & Paul Buhle
Abrams Comicart, 2009

I scooped up this handsome coffee table biography with glee when I saw it at the library, only to be mildly disappointed. It contains dollops of Kurtzman’s work from his extraordinary Korean War comics, to his creation of Mad Magazine (initially a groundbreaking and relatively classy satire publication), to his infamous Playboy strip Little Annie Fanny (beautifully painted by Will Elder).

For some reason this 242 page book feels thin on content, despite interesting artefacts like the preparatory sketches for his famous Mad covers and his many ambitious but failed projects after leaving Mad in 1956. Kurtzman’s influence on American comics is vast, but after reading this book you can’t help feeling his career worked itself out in reverse: early success, then years of struggle, despite inspiring the entire underground comics scene.


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