Autograph Win

Terry Pratchett signed this for me during one of his early NZ tours (I think it was about 1996) and I’ve waited since then to get Neil Gaiman to counter-sign it. He actually made a chuffed noise when he saw Pratchett’s signature, and this is from someone who gets to wake up with Amanda Palmer every day. There was a sniffy PR lady who had told everyone in the serpentine line that he would only sign one item, and only sign his name. He drew me a little picture. In your face, sniffy PR lady!


2 Responses to “Autograph Win”

  1. Heavens. How long did you stand in line?

  2. I was in the gallery, and as soon as I heard the host was winding up I dashed downstairs for the autograph line and was about 20th in place. Thirty seconds later, and I would’ve been 100th.

    I still don’t know who gave me the ticket, but the occasion could hardly have gone better for me.

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