Something actually about comics for a change

Rare mainstream press coverage of a New Zealand cartoonist here: Comic Genius Returns Home

The title of the article is misleading – Dylan hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s the book that’s now being published in NZ! $38 is a good price for a chunky graphic novel and a NZ book, by the way – Jacquie Brown’s Guide to Everything was much less substantial than Hicksville, and cost the same.

It’s depressing to think it was drawn in the mid-nineties and first compiled in 1998… in all that time, the only local graphic novels of similar scale and quality are Ant Sang’s Dharma Punks, which hasn’t been available for years, and Jared Lane’s Progress, the last issue of which came out in 2006.

Other long-form stories which would be contenders for ‘Best NZ Graphic Novel’ if they were compiled would include Brent Willis’s Fetus Boy Adventures and Robyn E. Kenealy’s Roddy’s Film Companion.


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