Own a Chunk of the Quad Mural!

As part of the Quad redevelopment, I learnt today that my mural is being “decommissioned”, which is a military euphemism for ‘binned”. This mural, which took me four years to paint, is made up of 18 panels, each of which is 1.2 metres wide by 1.6 metres tall, painted on hardboard which varies in weight from damn unwieldy to OMG this thing is heavy. It’s one of the projects of which I’m proudest.

Now, I could bung the entire thing on TradeMe, but I think I’d prefer to give it away panel by panel to people who have fond memories of staring at it in the Quad during lunch. The only condition is that you’d probably have to turn up at Vic and haul the thing away yourself.

So, hover your mouse over your favourite panel, note the title and number, contact me here, and reserve it.

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